About Me

Hi there!

My name is Briana Wilvert and I have a passion for beauty, style, travel, and all sorts of other lovely things. I'm a 23 year old student, instagrammer, and blogger with a love for making new discoveries and sharing them. Here my focus will be on living curating the life you want. Tune in every week for my latest and greatest tips and finds, and thanks for reading!

Work with me


For collaborations, campaigns, brand partnerships and sponsored content, please contact me at brianadwilvert@gmail.com or by using this form. Please note that I only collaborate with brands that I genuinely like and would use or buy myself. See the disclaimer below for more about this policy.


I'm always very excited to try new things and am grateful for the generous samples I am sent. If you'd like me to test something out then please email me at brianadwilvert@gmail.com or use this contact form to request my mailing address.


All views presented on this blog are entirely my own. I only feature products, places, and items that I genuinely enjoy and believe to be worth their value. Ads will always be made clear. Affiliate links  may be included in blog posts and are used to help support this blog!

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