Weekend Reads

Starting a new weekly series today! 'Weekend Reads' will be a round up of everything I loved reading that week - from blog posts to news articles and everything in-between. I'm excited to share the love and some potentially helpful or fun reads with you guys!

  • The Sunburn Relief Vitamin - Well + Good: One of the most helpful and easy to implement health posts I've seen in a while!
  • Saving Money on Beauty Refinery29: I will always read and love tips for saving money on beauty. Who doesn't want to save a few bucks??
  • Recommendations for a Glowy SummerMan Repeller: Seriously, if you're in the market for some glowy face and body products, this is a fantastic read.
  • Figuring Out Post-Grad LifeThe Everygirl: I am admittedly someone who plans ahead meticulously (we're talking endless spreadsheets over here) so I'm loving this list despite the fact that I have until March before my post-grad life starts.
  • Glossier and Their Army of RepsRacked: I think it's always good to know about the brands you buy from and this was a really good read about Glossier's marketing style and use of reps.
  • Tips for Getting Out of a Rut - MyDomaine: Good solid advice for when you feel a bit stuck.

And a little song to start your week off right: