Celebrating a Year of Blogging

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As of this week, I’ve officially been blogging for a year. Totally insane. So much has changed in the last year both in my life and on this blog. I can very clearly remember being ecstatic about my first hundred followers on Instagram, how exciting it was expanding from just beauty to lifestyle content on here, and my first brand collaborations. It has been such a wild ride so far, and I feel like I’m heading into this next year of blogging having learned so many lessons. Here are a few I think have been the most transformative:

  • Community is everything: Honestly, the most fulfilling part of this process has been getting to have so many great discussions with people. I still get excited when I get to talk to someone who I admire and even just going through comments. Community engagement has been important not just to help my little blog grow, but also to keep me passionate and engaged every step of the way. There is so much joy in supporting and being supportive of others

  • Creativity is a renewable resource: Just when I think I’ve run out of ideas or can’t find a more imaginative way to create something, I surprise myself. Your creativity is boundless, I promise. Everyone has a unique perspective and a unique way of thinking about and presenting things, follow your voice and the creativity will follow. In trying to be consistent with content, I’ve learned just how far my creativity can be pushed, and that has been so enlightening.

  • Being busy can be a great thing: I’ve taken on a lot, especially in the last few months, and if I’m honest, it’s been tough as hell. But getting into a rhythm of constantly producing content for my website and others is like building up a muscle. Honestly, I feel most content and most fulfilled when I have things to do. This master procrastinator has finally recognized how good it feels to get stuff done and the best methods for me to do it.

That’s about it, short and sweet! Thank you all for coming along with me on this ride - I can’t wait for the year to come!

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