Cultivating an Aesthetic: On Pushing Your Boundaries

In my last post about developing your own aesthetic, I talked a lot about really sticking to it and only purchasing clothing, decor, etc. when you feel it fits the aesthetic you're going for. There is one thing I wanted to make clear that may sound a bit contradictory to that. That idea is that pushing your boundaries is a good thing.

These two things aren't necessarily mutually exclusive, despite the way each of them sounds. The reality is that everyone grows and everyone changes over time. What appeals to you now, might not appeal to you a year from now, and that's totally okay! I like to think of an aesthetic as a guideline more than anything. A way to figure out what you like, not to box yourself in. Pushing your boundaries is the perfect way to grow alongside your guidelines.

So how to go about this? I'd say start small. If there's a clothing item that catches your eye but is a bit outside what you'd normally buy, go for it! Incorporate it into your wardrobe, figure out how to style it, and boom, you've pushed your boundaries a bit without completely abandoning your sense of style. You can do this with home decor too! If your home is all neutral colored, try a little pop of color or a fun texture. A pastel or grayish color will still match and a cool texture will add depth to any room.

My own style has changed pretty drastically as I've gotten older, but I can still see common threads. I have always loved simply designed pieces, neutral colors, and a great pair of jeans. So, while what I wear now isn't the same as what I wore two years ago even, I still see that the foundation of my style has solidly remained.

In my mind, it's totally possible to stick to an aesthetic and still grow. An aesthetic is simply a foundation to build off of, so I hope you never feel trapped by what you've cultivated for yourself. Allow yourself to grow and change, and always embrace what you love!