Sprucing Up Your Bedroom for the Fall

Hello everyone! Today I have a couple of new home decor bits to share with you all, and a couple of tips for getting your space ready for the fall season. Rather than only looking at the new year as a fresh start, I tend to think of each new season as having the potential for a blank slate and new growth. So, I like to update my space a bit not only to reflect the changing environment, but also to make sure I have a space that makes me feel happy and relaxed no matter what.


The first new bit I picked up is this letter board sign. I've been looking for something similar for ages and going back and forth between one of these and a lightbox sign. I wanted something that I could put a little inspiring text, whether is a quote or a bit of poetry. Right now I have a piece of a poem by Margaret Atwood called "Helen of Troy Does Countertop Dancing" (I promise I'm not weirdly intense, I just like the poem!). But I figure I can change the text as needed to suit my mood and I was lucky to find this one pretty cheap at HomeGoods! I always think it's important to have inspiration around you wherever you work. I write and blog from my bedroom, so this location made a lot of sense for me!


The second little bit I picked up is this industrial-style lamp. The way my bedroom is set up, I only previously had the option of the very bright overhead light or no light at all. With fall arriving, I wanted some sort of bedside lamp that would be bright enough to read by, but not crazy bright or overpowering in its shape or size. I was seriously surprised by how much I like this one, but I love how it fits into my space. This brings me to my next point - do your best to make your bedroom a cozy and comfortable environment! The colder months can get so dreary, it's helpful to have a space that exudes warmth. I personally stock up and candles and warm blankets for this time of year too!


Lastly, I always like to have a bit of nature in my bedroom. Typically that means picking up a cheap bouquet at Trader Joe's to sit in my window each week. It's a small expense, but it's something that really brightens up a room and makes it feel more homey!

How are you sprucing up your space for Fall? Let me know in the comments!