The Busy Girl's Bath Essentials


Alright, so I know not everyone is a fan of baths. I get it! They're kind of weird when you think about them too long. While I'm not a fan of baths for actually bathing, I am a fan for the pain relieving, skin soothing, and relaxing aspects of them. I am not a bubble bath girl at all though. Bubbles might look luxurious, but I find that the majority of the time they actually end up drying out your skin. So, what do I consider bath essentials? Let's take a look:

Coconut Oil

Ah yes, the natural solution to everyone's beauty problems. Way back when, I read Phoebe Tonkin's interview on Into the Gloss, where she described taking baths with coconut oil before bed for seriously moisturized skin. I've followed suit ever since. Just take a big spoon, and get a couple of nice big dollops and add them to your bath. You will come out fairly oily, but not in an annoying way. I swear by this trick and get compliments often on how soft my skin is! It's also perfect for keeping your skin from getting dry in the winter.

Essential Oils

There are a ton of essential oils with a ton of different benefits for your skin, but I rotate through just a few. Rose Absolute is what I use most often, as it's said to tone the skin and I love the smell of roses. Lavender is great for soothing your body and your mind - I count on this one mainly during stressful weeks when my anxiety is through the roof. Eucalyptus is amazing mid-flu season when your sinuses are killing you. Just remember, you only need a couple of drops of an essential oil for effectiveness.

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is amazing if your an athlete or have any kind of chronic pain as it helps to bring down inflammation. You can buy massive bags of this stuff super cheap and with a variety of different scents mixed in. I pour about two cups in my bath, but you can pretty much just follow the directions on the bag. Super quick and easy to use, and noticeable benefits, what could be better?

Dr. Singha's Mustard Bath

This might be, dare I say, my favorite tool for fighting off sickness. Follow the directions carefully though! Take a bath in this stuff, shower it off, and while you'll feel funky at first, I've always found it worth it. It's meant to detoxify, purify, and soothe the body - so while I can't claim all of that is true, I can say it makes an impact.

I, of course, have some fancier bath products I've tried and loved that I'll link below, but these are my easy and cheap favorites!