How to Score Great Deals on Beauty

Maybe you're like me and can't help but constantly try new beauty products. Or, maybe you're just trying to restock on moisturizer and don't want to pay the full price. Either way, there are plenty of tricks out there for scoring great deals on beauty, without risking picking up counterfeit products. Here are a few of my favorites beyond simply waiting for sales:

  1. Join Ebates: Make an account, install the plugin on your browser and get ready to save. Ebates gives you cash back on purchases you make on certain websites. Sephora, for example currently has 4% cash back, as does Kiehl's, but they have a wide range of beauty stores with offers and during special events these offers can double. At the end of every quarter you'll be mailed a check (or have the money deposited into your account), easy as pie.
  2. Join rewards programs: Sephora's rewards program gives you a point for every dollar you spend which can later be used for small things like deluxe samples or bigger things like special events (if you save up enough). Ulta's program basically gives you store credit when you reach a certain number of points. Those are just two options though, so always be on the look out for more!
  3. Want free shipping? Try Amazon Prime: With Amazon Prime you can get 2 day free shipping on a lot of products, and they've recently upped their luxury beauty game. Just make sure the vendor you're buying from is the official one when purchasing higher end products.
  4. Look for discounted gift cards on Raise: Raise is essentially a platform for people to sell gift cards they're not using. Often they're available for slightly discounted rates. They're not always available for every store, but it's always worth checking before you buy anything. I like to use this in combination with Ebates for maximum discounts!
  5. Wait for holidays or special events to shop: This won't always be a good option, but lots of stores alert you to special events where they usually have great deals. The Body Shop and Kiehl's are two stores where I've gotten great BOGO deals or heaps of deluxe samples during such events.
  6. Compare prices: Before you buy, do a quick Google search and make sure you're getting the best price available. It takes two minutes and you might just discover that what you're buying is on sale at another store.

That's it! What are your best tips for scoring great beauty deals?