My Breast Reduction Experience (So Far)


I've been debating when to actually write and post this, because, seeing as I'm only a week post-op, I've got a long way to go when it comes to healing. But yes! After 8 months of waiting and wavering, I finally had my breast reduction surgery. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen some behind the scenes post-op action (or, you know, babbling) on my story. For the rest of you - well, let's just say it's been a wild ride.

The first thing I want to bring up and acknowledge is how ridiculously lucky I have been throughout this process. Especially when it comes to my medical team. I picked a surgeon solely based on who had an appointment available at my doctor's office and he ended up being the highly-skilled and highly personable combo that I needed. If you're thinking about going through this process yourself, I recommend you do a crapload of research. I personally have a lot of anxiety around doctors/hospitals/getting cut open - but my surgeon was so knowledgeable and explained things in such a realistic and comprehensible way that it really calmed a lot of my fears. I was also lucky that he was backed up by incredible nurses, both in his office and in the hospital. They all made my terror significantly more bearable, and so far I'm ridiculously pleased with the results.

The actual surgical process overall wasn't bad at all. I got to the hospital at 6:45 in the morning, was in surgery just over an hour later, and was on my way home by 6 that evening. Pretty speedy considering, well, that a massive part of my torso was removed. I, of course, remember very little of that twelve hours beyond prep, pain, and how guilty I felt when I kept falling asleep every 30 seconds while a nurse tried to read me and my mom my aftercare instructions. Oh well.

What's really been interesting is the healing process. This particular procedure has a somewhat long recovery time. I just got to take my first shower yesterday (after a week) and I'm currently sporting a medical velcro corset contraption that I'll have to keep on for a month. Moving around is still pretty rough unfortunately. Turns out cutting a large portion of your chest off leaves your arms and chest feeling like you've been doing pushups for a week straight. I've been told it's good that I can even reach my head at this point. But what's really weird is what such a big change to your body does to your brain. I joked to my mom that I haven't been this flat-chested since I was 12 - which is true - but also startling every time I catch a glimpse of myself. The idea of dressing this new form is truly weird, but also exciting. The thought of less back pain is even more  exciting!

I'll cut this off before it gets too long, but I just wanted to update you guys and let you know that I am doing well and being fed plenty of fresh-pressed juices. And I am eternally grateful to my family and friends for their support/care/juices as well as the well-wishes and reduction stories people have been sending me on Instagram. I'm off to browse my Amazon wishlist which is aptly titled "Bewbs Be Gone" - happy Friday dears!