Don't Touch My Hair


I was commiserating recently with a fellow curly haired kid over an experience that was common to us throughout our lives - strangers touching our hair. You might be surprised how often in my life strangers have approached me and begun to touch my hair without first asking if it was okay with me. I understand where the draw came from, a little kid with a head of bright red curls (think Merida from Brave but slightly more of an afro) is going to catch your attention. But it also inspired a deep dislike of my hair in me. Like many curly haired teenagers, I was in love with my flat iron and even went so far as to get a straightening treatment that changed the state of my curls for years. 

These days I am happy to say I have fully embraced my curls. I still like experimenting with different styles of course, but nothing quite brings me joy like a massive head of curls. If you haven't heard of Diana Veras, you should check her out because her curls are a major source of inspiration to me. There's something so satisfying about seeing a woman embrace the sheer size of her curls, and not worry about how much room her hair is taking up, and doing the same for yourself.

I've tried plenty of products for volume and curl definition in attempts to get my curls as big as they can be, but I haven't liked any quite so much as I like DryBar's Southern Belle. It's a lightweight mousse that seriously amps up the volume. I spread it through my wet hair, after a little leave-in conditioner on the ends, and blow dry my hair upside down for seriously enviable volume. 

So, my curls are bigger, my smile is brighter, but please, do all us curly-haired gals a favor and ask before you touch!