Cultivating an Aesthetic: On Inspiration and Finding What You Love

While creating an aesthetic is a concept used a lot when it comes to blogging and social media, I'm a firm believer that everyone pretty much naturally develops their own aesthetic. Your aesthetic can extend to everything from the clothes you wear to the way you decorate your home, it can touch every visual piece of your life. I think of it as something that is not just who you are, but also who you want to be and the ways in which that manifests itself in your visible life. As someone who just now feels like I'm finding my style in all aspects of life, I thought I'd share how I'm personally cultivating my aesthetic and tips for doing the same.

  • Notice what you love: This will really be the foundation of your aesthetic. Forget trends or what's currently cool, just hone in on what visually draws you in and makes you happy. This can be as basic as certain colors and shapes, or as complex as whole vibes and styles.
  • Seek inspiration everywhere: My favorite places to look for inspiration are Instagram, Pinterest, other blogs, movies, and magazines. There is a real wealth of images and potential inspiration out there, you just have to be willing to look for it. The more you seek it out, the more you'll be able to recognize what really inspires you.
  • Build a mood board: I use Pinterest and Instagram for this (see below), but a physical mood board is awesome as well! Collect images you love and that you connect with, whether they're something you relate to or something you aspire to. Craft a representation of vibes that just simply scream you to you. This can serve as an easy access reference point if you ever feel lost, and can always be switched up, because let's face it, people change over time.
  • Consistency is key: Whenever I purchase something now, I typically think about or refer to my mood board and try to decide if the piece (whether it's a t shirt or bedding) fits in. This might sound weird, but I find I really avoid buyer's remorse when I've already seriously considered if a piece is both something I truly love and something that fits into my lifestyle. Of course, this can also be applied to blogging or Instagram - your style will shift naturally but it should always reflect you.

Above are some of the pictures I've saved on Instagram. Looking at it, it's very obvious what colors, trends, styles, and overall vibes I'm drawn to. This means it's always a great source of inspiration.

My Pinterest mood board is visually very similar to my saved collection on Instagram. Minimal, warm toned, lots of pinks and neutrals, with a slight vintage vibe. 

Where do you find inspiration? Let me know in the comments!