The Classic Skincare Brand that Should Be On Your Radar


Thanks to my new job, I’m being exposed to all sorts of both established and new brands. While it occasionally feel a bit overwhelming absorbing so much information and testing so many new things, it’s also been an incredible introduction to some serious gems I hadn’t encountered previously. One such gem has already become a staple on my vanity, so of course I had to share!

The story starts with botanist and kinesiotherapist Pierre Darphin, who in 1958 founded L’Institut Darphin, a holistic skin institute inspired by French queens, dependent on the power of botanical ingredients, and enhanced by the practice of massage. Using their products isn’t just a simple routine, it’s a ritual that soothes both mentally and physically, incorporating both aromatherapy and precise application.

Since learning about the brand I’ve been testing out the Lumiere Essentielle Serum, the Vetiver Stress Detox Oil Mask, and several of the essential oil elixirs (gems amongst a gem of a brand). The serum provides the most beautiful glow and hydration, for skin that just looks healthy, youthful, and dewy. The Stress Detox Mask is the perfect ritual after a long day. The scent eases your mind instantly, and helps take the stresses of the day off your face. And the essential oil elixirs have molecules smaller than serums to penetrate more deeply into the skin, for effective, non-irritating action. I’ve been told it’s best not only to pick your essential oil based on what your skin needs, but which scent draws you in most - in the same way that your body’s food cravings relate to what it needs most. The 8 Flower Nectar has been my favorite so far! Plus, all of the products combined have been improving the tone and look of my skin, fading acne scars, and overall I just somehow look better?

It’s not just the powerhouse natural ingredients I’ve been loving, but the ritual itself. There are very particular ways of suggested application for every product that promote lymphatic drainage and lifting. That plus the aromatherapy aspect comes together for an experience that is such a soothing way to settle down for the day. Every application is like a few minutes of potent self-care, and honestly who couldn’t use that in their lives?