How I Edit My Blog and Instagram Photos

When it comes to photo editing, there are countless fancy apps and detailed tutorials out there to ensure you get the photos of your dreams. I, however, like to keep things as simple as possible considering I probably edit around 50 photos a week for all of my content. Here's the easy, breezy breakdown:

Blog Photos

  • To edit photos on my blog I rely solely on the Mac Photos App and the photo filter app Priime Styles, which can be installed as an extension on Photos.
  • Starting out, I always go to the "Light" bar in Photos and drag the line up until I'm satisfied with the lightness and brightness of the photo. Bright and brilliant pictures are key for me.
  • After brightening, I tend to look at the composition of the photo. I'll rotate the angle a bit if any prominent lines in the photo are crooked, or just crop to my liking.
  • Last, I go into Priime Styles to browse filters. I personally like to use all the same filter on a series of photos to make them look more cohesive. Priime Styles has over 100 beautiful filters, but I tend to stick to two favorites. Alpine is perfect for crisp, bright product shots, and Bounty is my go-to for outfit/place/etc shots, it gives a lovely richness and nostalgic tone to my photos. Check out the before and after below!

Instagram Photos

  • As with my blog photos, I keep it simple for Instagram and only use the iPhone Photos app, VSCO Cam, and occasionally Snapseed or FaceTune for editing.
  • Just like above, I start out by increasing the "Light" section in the Photos app, and rotate and crop as I see fit.
  • Next, I'll put the photo into VSCO Cam. I use the filter A6 at about +7 or 8 (which gives photos a similar minimal richness as Priime Styles' Bounty), typically up the Temperature to +1, and if needed, up the Exposure +0.5. I tend to just copy and paste these edits from one photo to the next, adjusting as needed.
  • If there's anything I want to selectively edit - like a too green wall or someone's bright purse in the background - I'll put the photo into Snapseed and use the brush tool to desaturate the distractions. Likewise, if there's anything I want to pop a bit more, I'll put the photo into FaceTune and use the Details tool on it. Check out the before and after below!

Both of these processes are seriously simple. It never takes me more than five minutes to completely edit a photo (and it's usually more like two). I want my photos to look great and to fit my aesthetic, and I certainly don't have time to get overly complicated with things!

What tools do you use to edit your photos? Let me know in the comments!