Embracing Brown in Beauty & Style


The main colors in my wardrobe are black, white, and well, the blue of all of my jeans. That's been true for years now. They're the colors I am most comfortable in to this day. However, lately I've been on a bit of a brown kick. Probably due to the influence of quite a few instagrammers I follow, plus I'd say the boost in 70s trends. Brown comes in so many shades and there is honestly so much you can do with it when it comes to bringing it into your life both through beauty and style.

Let's start with beauty. Brown lipstick is super bold, not unlike a bright or dark red. I love the shade of this NYX Soft Cream Matte Lipstick in Berlin. It's a deep but still very warm shade of brown that looks super lovely with otherwise minimal makeup. I paired it here with a light wash of brown eyeshadow, super fluffy lashes, and my usual brows. No blush, just bronzer, for a sort of amped up monochromatic look. Honestly, I'm digging it even more than I expected to. If you don't want to go super bold, I highly recommend Glossier's Generation G Lipstick in Leo. I wear it almost every single day. It gives the nicest warm wash of brown to the lips.

Style too is not hard to incorporate at all! Lighter shades like this camel coat pair nicely with other neutrals. Darker shades look awesome with dark wash jeans and shoes of similar shades. You can check out my Lust List up at the top there for a ton of brown style options. For now, I'll be sticking with what I have because of my current spending ban, but I can't wait to bring more brown into my wardrobe!