Getting Trendy For Fall

Photos by Tommy Heffernan

Photos by Tommy Heffernan

I love dressing for the fall probably more than any other season. All the layers just add so much potential, but you're not quite at bundled up marshmallow status. This year's trends haven't all caught my attention, but there are certainly a few I've been loving:

The Plaid Blazer

These are absolutely everywhere right now, and I think that's well deserved. These are perfect for throwing on over a tee or sweater when the weather is slightly warmer and throwing on under a coat when it gets a bit colder. If you're like me and don't really love patterns, this is a fairly neutral way to throw one into your wardrobe. 


The Beret

The very French and apparently eternally chic hat of dreams. Confusing to figure out how to wear? Yeah a little bit (or is that just me?), but it adds that touch of sophistication that really pulls a look together. I love it in black, but I've seen camel and red ones that look just as amazing, so go for the color that draws you in the most. Plop it on rain or shine and you're good to go.


(Almost) Monochrome Dressing

You'll notice nearly every bit of this look is black. While I do wear my fair share of all-black ensembles, I also like to mix it up with the addition of one or two pieces in a different neutral, like the blazer here. A great alternative is to play with the textures in your outfit - like, for example, trading out the blazer for a black teddy bear coat, or trading the denim skirt for a patent one.

Photos by Tommy Heffernan

Photos by Tommy Heffernan

There are of course some other classic pieces thrown in here - the black booties, the little black purse, and the basic black knit sweater. All great pieces to invest in slightly higher quality and wear for years to come! I've had those boots for 3 or 4 years now, and they've held up pretty darn well!

What are your favorite trends this season? Let me know in the comments!