How to Fill Your Life (and Home) with Plants


This week I went into Home Depot looking strictly for a tomato plant and a cucumber plant for the backyard. I walked out half an hour later with those - plus six new plants for my bedroom. This would be surprising if I hadn't done practically the same thing a few weeks ago. Suddenly my room is starting to look like a bit of a jungle, and while I don't really know where this obsession got out of hand, I'm not hating it. So today I thought I'd talk about some easy ways to bring greenery into your life, even if you, like me, have a history of killing innocent plants.

If you really, really can't keep a plant alive no matter what you do, buying pre-cut flowers might be your best bet. Or, as I see it, a gateway drug. I have regularly bought myself a variety of flowers from grocery stores for several months now because it is such a mood booster. It helps to know not only what kind of flowers you like, but also how long certain types last and how to make them last longer. I love buying eucalyptus bunches because they dry out and last forever, but I also love short-lived lilies because they're so fragrant. To keep your flowers alive a little longer, trim the stems at an angle a little bit every day.

Once you've got flowers down, it's pretty easy to transition into practically death-proof plants. Air plants are an awesome option if you can't remember to water things. I literally give mine a little bath whenever I remember and they still look totally fine. Succulents are another great option, but make sure you're following growing instructions. I have a tendency to over-water these guys and they get sad and waterlogged easily. Also make sure they have plenty of sunshine! I've literally had a cactus die on me because I live in Washington and the sun was gone for months.

If you're ready to take it up a notch, I'd still recommend plants that are known to be easy to grow! It gives me a little peace of mind knowing that a little effort can keep these guys going even when I accidentally neglect them. I also tend to pick out plants that are air purifiers - just because I'm into that sort of thing and I feel like the plants and I are helping each other out. I recently picked up an umbrella tree and a snake plant, but I have my eye on a large ZZ plant too.

You might notice from my pictures that most of my plants are either in the plastic pots they came in or repurposed bottles and jars. While I understand spending money on cute pots, I simply prefer reusing containers for a more eclectic feel - and simply to keep costs low! The price of a pot can be as much as the price of 3 or 4 plants, and I'd personally rather have more plants.

There are so many resources out there for learning to take care of plants and deciding which ones you want! My overall recommendation would be don't buy anything you know you can't reasonably take care of. A plant that needs daily misting won't be ideal for someone who's rarely at home, you know? Don't waste your money on something you know realistically will die - just pick something else that fits your lifestyle! And if all else fails, there are some pretty realistic fake plants out there.