Finding Creativity in the Middle of Winter


I know it's only February, and that technically Spring doesn't start until March 20, but that feels like forever away. So in the spirit of getting a bit creative, a had a little fun putting together this Spring inspired shoot. It's my first set of photos since I set up my wee little home studio and I honestly couldn't be more pleased with the results.


Winter has been such a drag on my creativity. It's dark all day almost every day here, which means getting photos for the blog and Instagram has been, well, difficult. Shooting outside in particular has been rough considering that pouring rain isn't particularly great for my camera or getting good shots.

Finally, after weeks of frustration, I decided to invest in a home studio setup after watching this great YouTube video by The Fashion Fiend. It really inspired me in that, you don't need super fancy or super expensive equipment to get creative with your photography and get stellar photos. My whole set up was less than $100 and my props are all super cheap craft store pieces. I even took all of these photos myself with a handy self-timer and a tripod. There is seriously always a solution when you're willing to hustle to get things done.

But anyway, the point is, creativity can be super hard to maintain - especially in crappy contexts like winter. My goal as we approach Spring and the rest of the year is to be always blooming. To push myself, to challenge myself, and to see what I can create. Circumstances be damned.

Got any tips for embracing your creativity? I'd love to hear them!