Why Not Every Outfit Has to Be Flattering


One of the biggest impulses I've had to unlearn lately is the need for every outfit to be as flattering as possible. If I'm honest, it wasn't an easy thing to do. I have read so many articles on the most flattering jeans for your body shape, the most flattering dresses for your body type, how to stay warm in the winter without looking like the Stay Puft marshmallow man. Especially as a technically plus-sized woman, almost every article directed towards me is all about how to dress to emphasize my shape in the "right" ways.


Here's the thing - that's pretty much all crap. Of course it makes sense that you want to look good in your clothes, but if you're constantly dressing to try and fit some ideal shape, you're always going to be somewhat stressed out about what you're wearing. Well-fitting clothes are important, yes! Comfortable clothes also a yes! Clothes that you absolutely love - the biggest yes of all! The nipped waist, perfect amount of cleavage, and longer looking legs are things I would call not so much necessities. If those things are things you want to strive for, you do you! But if you want to wear a bulky sweatshirt or pants that make you look exactly the height you actually are, don't let all those ideals hold you back.


This is an outfit that I would have, in the past, deemed unflattering. My bust makes the sweatshirt look rather bulky and the wide leg pants emphasize my shortness a bit. But you know what? I think it's a cool outfit made up of cool pieces, and it's a look I feel good in. 

So, keep on doing you! Wear the clothes you want to wear! And maybe worry a little less about Who What Wear or any other fashion website would deem your outfit flattering.