Accessories For the Girl Who Hates Accessories

If you've read my style posts or seen my Instagram regularly, you might have noticed that I don't really do a lot of accessories. I have always wanted to be the girl who looks super cool with stacked rings or six piercings in one ear, but that's really just not me. First of all, most earrings leave my ears quite itchy and inflamed, so even if I do wear them, they don't stay on all day. Secondly, having a ton of things on my hands/wrists I find really irritating. So my jewelry has really been pared down to just a few essentials that I wear every day. They go with all of my outfits and I don't find them too bothersome. Let's take a look:

  • Earrings: I have one forward helix piercing that's a little moonstone that has been in since I got it done a few years ago. I like the way it looks, it's simple and lovely, and I honestly can't be bothered to find something else I'll like enough to leave in for years. I also have two piercings on each of my ear lobes, but since the upper ones need to be re-pierced I only ever have one pair of earrings on the lobes. My go-to's are tiny, simple, gold studs (like these moon ones I've been wearing a ton recently) or medium to large gold hoops - a mainstay for spicing up my outfits a bit or for nights out.
  • Necklaces: I have one necklace I wear every day without fail. It's a bit of a sentimental one since my boyfriend gave it to me for Christmas. Prior to that I'd been wearing a heart charm with 'BBQ' engraved on it, so that got added to the necklace. I love that combined they reflect some things near and dear to my heart, and make a unique piece.
  • Watch: This is a recent addition to my daily essentials. My great-grandmother passed away earlier this year and the watch belonged to her. It's sort of a timeless piece. It suits my style and it means a lot to me to have it as a reminder of her.

That's it! Are there any accessories you love to wear every day? Let me know in the comments!