Holiday Gift Guide: Beauty


*This post includes PR gifts and affiliate links, but as always, all opinions are my own!

I have to say, so far this has been the hardest gift guide to write. There are so, so many great options for beauty gifts out there. What I wanted to focus on for my matured products is brands that boast high quality and natural ingredients. These are things I've tried and things I've loved, and most of all, things I hope your loved ones will love too.

Dr. Roebuck's

I've been talking about this brand since this past summer when I was first introduced to them. Their focus is on minimal, natural ingredients, and every product I've tried has become a permanent part of my routine. I'd recommend throwing a serum and a moisturizer together for a personalized kit. Like the Prevent & Protect Serum and Pure Moisturizer for someone who lives in the city, or the Boost & Tighten Serum and FACE Moisturizer for someone with aging skin. (Don't forget you can use 'BRIANAW15' at checkout on their website for 15% off.

Red Earth Beauty

I was only recently introduced this brand recently via a PR gift, but I've loved every product I've tried so far. I love the focus on ingredients that are native to Australia, and they have the most fun packaging I've ever seen. Things like their 12 piece sheet mask set  or their 6 piece lipstick matches set would be perfect for a best friend or a sister. Super fun and super unique!


Another natural brand I was recently introduced to, Sonage also focuses on natural ingredients. Think of them as French skincare that's gone natural. The Natural Glow Pretty Pack* comes with glycolic acid peel pads, the Patagonia Berry Stem Cell Mask, and a nourishing facial oil to keep you glowing all through the holidays. And boy will you seriously glow! My favorite product of the three is the mask, which not only is a fun purple color, but gives your skin a sort of instant refresh. If you know someone looking to be more conscious of the ingredients they're putting on their face, but who also likes the look of fancier products, this would be a perfect kit for them to try out.

More Picks:

There you have it! Kits galore and some seriously fresh beauty gifts for everyone you know!