Holiday Gift Guide: Home & Lifestyle


Welcome to the first of four holiday gift guides! Today we'll be focusing on home and lifestyle related gifts, which may actually be my favorite sort of things to give. I love giving gifts that people will actually use, but being functional doesn't mean things can't be cute. Check out my picks and my breakdown of each below!

  1. Crosley Record Player: I know a ton of devoted music fans, and this affordable record player is one of the most unique ways to listen to music. I absolutely love mine, and it's something that not a lot of people tend to have (even though they're all over Instagram). They come in a bunch of fun colors as well, so you can pick one to suit any kind of decor.
  2. Tea Set: For the tea lover who loves a pop of pink. This kettle and set of matching cups is just too cute! Also ideal for making quick cups of hot chocolate in the winter.
  3. Book Set: For your favorite bookworm, this set of Jane Austen books is absolutely beautiful and will look gorgeous on their bookshelf. But really, even if they don't want to read the books, they'll still make a gorgeous piece of decor.
  4. Boy Smells candle: These candles are beautiful, have super unique scents, and are super affordable. A win all around. I have two on my Christmas list, Lanai and Gardener - no shame.
  5. Letter Board: These are so much fun to have around the house for displaying everything from funny movie quotes to inspirational sayings!
  6. Zodiac Journals: For the person in your life who is constantly scribbling things down - or maybe needs to start. These journals are so lovely and so so practical.
  7. Woven Bag: Granted, this may look a little summery. But it would be ideal for a winter beach getaway or for farmers market trips come spring. It's big enough to be functional but not too oversized.
  8. Capri Blue candle: If you have ever been in an Anthropologie store, you'll recognize this scent. It's light and fresh, perfect for those long winter nights when you want to pretend it's 70 degrees outside.
  9. The Kinfolk Home: Know someone who is always on the lookout for home inspiration, is redecorating, or just moved? This book will provide a ton of inspiration, and look lovely on their coffee table when they're done.
  10. Get Naked Bath Mat: I don't have much to say about this one. I think it's hilarious and I love the minimal look of it. Plus it's totally practical!
  11. Bad Girls Throughout History: For all of the women and girls in your life! A book filled with amazing role models that will up the inspiration ante for sure.
  12. Elephant Mug: Alright, one last millennial pink item. But how adorable is this mug? It's sure to cheer anyone up mid-winter.

That's it! Hope you enjoyed and found some gift inspiration! Be on the look out for my next three guides: budget, style, and beauty!