Review: Glossier Invisible Shield SPF 35

I'll be the first to admit that I've never been very good about wearing sunscreen. As a teenager and even into my twenties I've been extremely lax about putting sunscreen on unless I was say, at the beach, but not even always then. The thing is, the sun does serious damage to your skin. Whether there's snow on the ground or a sky full of clouds, the sun is always damaging your skin if you're not protecting it. Sun damage can cause hyper-pigmentation, not to mention making you look older than you are. Let's face it though, most sunscreen is sticky, tacky, smells gross, leaves a white cast, or messes with your makeup. Lo and behold, Glossier has released a sunscreen that I am actually excited to use every day.

What makes Invisible Shield different from other sunscreens? First, the texture is a light gel, and it applies pretty much like a serum. It sinks into the skin instantly and doesn't leave you feeling sticky at all. Plus, it's completely clear when applied. I also love that it has ingredients like broccoli and aloe leaf to neutralize free radicals in your skin and protect your skin from harmful pollutants (a necessity for city girls, as far as I'm concerned). It can also be reapplied over makeup, which is pretty dang awesome.

Now, there are some drawbacks. At $34, this is more expensive than your average drugstore sunscreen. Also, the sweet orange essential oil in it for fragrance may not appeal to everyone. I also recommend you read through the ingredients before purchasing to make sure you're not allergic to any of the ingredients, I did see one person on Instagram have quite the allergic reaction to it. But like any new product, just patch test on your hand or arm before applying to your face. 

Overall though, if this is a product that actually convinces you to protect your skin every day, the price might just be worth it. Just think of the money you'll save when you don't need products to reverse sun damage in the future! All I can say is, I'm obsessed. Apply after your moisturizer and before your makeup every day, and reap the benefits!