The San Francisco Glossier Pop-Up


Last week, I popped on down to the Glossier Pop-Up in San Francisco and was beyond excited to finally get to test out their products in person - not to mention see the enviable decor I'd seen all over Instagram already. They'd set up shop in a neighborhood I actually lived in throughout high school and completely taken over a little café. There was a long line to get in, but I'm completely comfortable saying it was worth the wait!

You should know, despite the line, there is no time limit for how long you can stay in the shop. This totally has the potential to suck, but I think we only waited like 20 minutes to get in. Don't be shy about chatting with the pink-jumpsuited staff member outside either! Both of the women my friend and I talked to were super friendly and offered some great tips and behind the scenes action.

Alright let's get to the good part. Going in was just as great as I expected. They seriously outdid themselves with completely transforming the café into the vintage-y, colorful, flower-filled makeup diner of dreams. The products were all laid out beautifully and there were multiple stations of products so it was rather easy to move through and test things out without really having to wait to try anything.

As someone who has loved Glossier forever, but been wary of trying certain things without testing them out first, I maybe got a little over-excited with the testing aspect. There were three things I wanted to try in particular though and I ended up picking all three up - the Birthday Balm Dot Com (which I'd been worried that the smell would make me nauseous), the Glossier You Solid (awesome packaging and super inexpensive for a perfume), and the Generation G lipstick in Zip (I may be sporting smudgy red lips all Spring long).

I was super impressed by the ordering process as well! You just fill out a cute little order form, find a staff member to input it and pay, and a cute little bag is promptly delivered to you. Surprisingly quick and easy. And you can actually get food - although important to know that it's all to go and there are only like five tables if you want to sit down with your food.

I think that is just about everything. I'm super happy I ended up being in town for this and highly recommend going if you have the chance! Hopefully they continue to do these in more cities because I personally think they're brilliant!