A Hair Change for Fall


I have only really dyed my hair once in my life before now. Doused my hair in dark brown dye just days before I left for my freshmen year of college, and for the months until it faded, found myself a bit unrecognizable. I've always been envious of people who change their hair color like it's nothing at all. Personally, I've always been quite attached to my natural red shade. I can't remember the number of times I've been told people pay to get hair the same color as mine. Or the number of times I've fiercely defended my redhead identity from people who tried to call the color brown.

The thing is, I have also always loved the sun kissed hair people get in the summer from days and days spent in the sun. I've tried to do the same, even tried to speed it up with products that only seemed vaguely less risky than Sun-In. It never really made a difference, so yesterday when I walked into the salon and asked for that sun kissed look - let's just say I didn't expect to walk out quite so blonde. It might be hard to tell in pictures, but I am definitely straddling the line between strawberry blonde and red at the moment.

I have to say I was unsure of the look up until this morning. It seemed too dramatic at first, too far from the natural color I love. But today I woke up and I have to say I'm digging it. It's not crazily dramatic, but it is a definite change and one I'll be embracing for the Fall. So, say hello to a new and blonder me. Same girl, new hair.