How I'm Getting Festive

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It's December 1st, y'all! Which means I officially feel like it's okay for me to get in the holiday spirit. I confess, I am a notoriously late festive sort of person - I usually don't get really into the spirit until halfway through December. I think decorating the family Christmas tree at Thanksgiving threw me off, in a good way! So here are some things I'm doing to get festive:

  • Watching holiday movies: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Love Actually, and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation are my favorites. Although I recently saw The Holiday for the first time and definitely enjoyed it. Also, inspired by my grandma, I will occasionally turn on the Hallmark channel and let the Christmas movies provide some ambiance.
  • Listening to Christmas music: I'm an oldies fan when it comes to Christmas music, the only real exceptions being Michael Bublé and Mariah Carey. The Christmas Classics Spotify playlist will be on repeat undoubtedly.
  • Making hot chocolate: I make homemade hot chocolate with vanilla coconut milk, semi-sweet chocolate chips (my inner San Franciscan shows through my insistence on Ghiradelli), a little cocoa powder, a little vanilla, and a pinch or two of salt. Pro-tip: Williams-Sonoma's vanilla marshmallows are the best marshmallows ever. But I also like Trader Joe's marshmallows - they're vegan!
  • Doing a little decorating: I won't actually be at home for the last two weeks of December, since I'll be visiting family, but since I have a ton o holiday photo props I figured I'd use some of them to do a little decorating around my room. There will probably be a future post on that!

Happy December everyone!

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