How to Smell Chic as Hell


It's no secret my love of perfumes and all things scented has reached an all-time high. My collection is now way bigger than I ever anticipated and I've got multiple jars of tiny samples. It feels a bit ridiculous, but can anything really be ridiculous if it makes you feel great?

I'm at the point where my beauty routine doesn't feel complete each day until I choose and apply a perfume. A lot of that choice is based on the season, the weather, and my mood, but there's another alternative as well. Sometimes I choose a perfume based on how I want to feel. If I'm headed to a final exam or social event or something else anxiety-provoking, I want a scent that is going to inspire confidence in me. That's where smelling chic as hell comes in. Like a red lipstick or a perfect blazer, a particular scent can come in handy for creating the mood you want to be in.


There are two products I've being relying on for this lately. The first is the DedCool 03 "Blonde" fragrance. It's a unisex scent that miraculously manages to be ridiculously warm without being too sweet, and perfectly fresh without being too crisp. The notes of violet, saffron, and crystal rose are intoxicating, and a bottom note of blonde woods grounds things beautifully. If I ever had to pick a signature scent (god forbid) this would definitely be somewhere at the top of my list.

The second product is one I wasn't sure if I would like - and maybe was hoping I wouldn't like so much. The Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon Dry Shampoo is the kind of unnecessarily luxe version of a product I try to avoid buying typically. $28 for dry shampoo just kind of hurts my soul. But not only is this a super effective dry shampoo, the smell is insanely addictive. The combination of vanilla bourbon, oakwood, and tuberose is as warm, sophisticated, and feminine as you'd expect. For the sake of rationing it out, I apply one very quick spritz to my hair as I tousle it, and one small spritz to the back of my head where my hair meets my neck. The scent stays, but isn't overwhelming, just perfectly warm.

There you have it! Two ridiculously chic scents to try and love and revel in!