How to Wear All White


Ah, here it is, the most stressful kind of outfit that maybe ever existed. You never become so aware of where your sitting until you're wearing all white and are petrified of ending up with some mystery stain on your butt. As someone who already sports quite a consistently high level of anxiety, you'd think I'd avoid an all white outfit like the plague. But here's the thing - it works. I literally pulled on a sweatshirt, jeans and sneakers for this look and it looks so pulled together and intentional. Magical. I'm all about looking like I put in some effort even when I really can't be bothered.

I picked up this vintage Hard Rock Café sweatshirt for like $10 on Depop. Such a score and I'm so pleased with it. I'm very tempted to wear it every day this Spring, maybe under overalls? Or just with jean shorts and sneakers because that's pretty much my MO anyway. The white jeans were a TJ Maxx score from a while back and they amazingly fit like a glove despite the tagged size being well below my normal size (sizing is weird y'all). I rolled them up a bit just because at this point I'm never not wearing cropped pants, to the point where regular pants feel weirdly long. Yeah. Anywho, white high top Converse feel so classic and timeless. You can really throw them on with just about anything.

So was I concerned about ending up covered in stains? Oh yeah. But in the approximately 6 hours I was wearing this (and even eating in it) I managed to keep everything completely clean. A veritable miracle. If you're less lucky, maybe invest in one of those stain remover on the go sticks! Never hurts to be prepared right? And it definitely doesn't hurt to look this snazzy with minimal effort.