I May Have a White Sneaker Problem


This is the very true story of how I managed to convince myself that bringing 4 pairs of white sneakers with me to San Francisco was totally necessary and logical. Just kidding. That would be a simultaneously boring and insane story. But I did in fact bring those 4 pairs with me and I do seem to have somewhat of a white sneaker addiction. So what's the deal?

I kind of feel like white sneakers have been everywhere for a long time? Middle school me always coveted the effortless look of white Keds in the summer. White Converse were a common shoe of choice with my Catholic high school's uniforms. And nothing has really changed. White sneakers still pair perfectly with denim shorts, sundresses, jeans, jumpsuits, practically everything. I still see something effortless about them. They give off a casually cool vibe that still manages to look quite sleek. Miraculously, clumsy human being that I am, I find it not so difficult to keep all of these sneakers clean.

What four pairs did I end up carting with me? White high top Converse - because they're a classic and I generally refuse to be without them. Nike Air Force Ones - they look athletic, they look cool, they go great with everything from leggings to jeans. An older white pair from Scandinavian brand Monki - because they're a bit on the nicer side and sometimes I wanna look a little fancier but not too much. My FILA Disruptor IIs - chunky "Dad" shoes aren't quite ubiquitous yet and I'm still gradually learning how to style them, but I'll be damned if they're not the most comfortable shoes in my closet.

I know I'm not the only one with this problem - even a quick peek in my sister's closet confirmed that - so where are my fellow white sneakers addicts at? How do you choose between them? Any ultimate favorites?