The Instabait Outfit


The other night, in Houston, I wore almost this exact outfit to dinner. I felt so good in it, I was dying to photograph it, but never ended up getting the chance. Since I've been back, I've been wanting to recreate it, but honestly it took me a bit to figure out why it was occupying my mind. Eventually I realized that almost every piece of the outfit was one of those trends often deemed Instabait. Everything from my wrap dress (recently made popular by French and French-inspired brands), to my signet ring, to my gold hoops. Usually I seek to stand out, to not wear tons of trends because I don't want to bore people. But the thing is, that outfit felt so good because for so long in my life I felt like I couldn't wear most trends. That doubt was rooted in the very simple fact that I never saw anyone who looked like me wearing them.


I've seen a lot of talk about diversity in the blogging and influencer sphere lately and it's really grabbed my attention. You might have seen the hashtag #RevolveSoWhite go around recently - which aimed to point out that the influencers that are typically invited to do press trips like Revolve's tend to pretty much all be white with model-like figures. They're successful, which is why they're invited to participate in such markers of success, but the problem is, there are a whole lot of plus-size and diverse influencers who are crazy successful and yet are rarely included in such things.

I think this partially boils down to the fact that the fashion world, particularly super trendy brands, aren't really designed to be inclusive. I had to wait to get my hands on a dress like this until they showed up in fast fashion stores because the original brands were 1. not particularly affordable and 2. not typically selling things in my size. When a brand only sells up to a size 8, it really makes you wonder what exactly their ethos is. I'd rather not contribute to the problematic ethics of fast fashion, but often that's the only way I can actually participate in trends. The Instabait brands always seem to be out of reach.

It's a complex and big issue, and I could probably write a lot more about it, but I just wanted to provide a little food for thought and to offer a little advice. If you think you can't wear a trend because of who you are or what you look like, be brave, screw the exclusivity, and wear whatever the hell you want.