The Jacket of Dreams


Once in a while, an item of clothing comes along that changes your entire philosophy on life. I’m exaggerating - but only a little bit. I recently wrote a post about embracing the color brown after years of being a solely black, white, and denim kind of person. Something about the 70s trends returning and a yearning for warmth this winter has had me craving brown in my wardrobe in a super unexpected turn of events. Soon after I wrote that post, I spotted this jacket while writing my Christmas list and fell in love.


Amazingly, the jacket is even better in person than it is in photos. The brown is the perfect warm medium brown. The suede is incredibly soft - catch me outside petting my own dang jacket like a little weirdo. The shearling liner extends all the way down the sleeves! Which as far as I’m concerned is a minor miracle in and of itself. It is just so cozy and warm and perfect, I can’t get enough of it.

I’m still working out how to style it beyond just pairing it with white tops and jeans. But to be honest, I like this pairing so much I have no problem with wearing it over and over again for now. This jacket, you guys. It is truly the jacket of dreams.

PS: I found it on Asos and the brand is Warehouse, but it's no longer in stock unfortunately. I'll link some similar ones below (they all seem to be on sale right now)!