Monthly Favorites: April 2018


I have to say, April was kind of a rollercoaster of a month. When it comes to favorites that pretty much ends up translating to: these are all over the place. Quite a lot of beauty bits, a few things that were saviors for me in the first weeks after my surgery, all around just a lot of good stuff! Let's get to it:


  • Tatcha The Essence: The one real splurge beauty purchase I've made this year and oh my goodness was it so worth it. I'm obsessed. It's hydrating, it's plumping, it helps everything I put on top of it sink in better. This is one thing I've added to my routine that has me waking up in the morning amazed by the overall quality of my skin. And yes, it's ridiculously expensive, but honestly you use such a tiny amount I'm expecting the bottle to last six months.
  • French Girl Organics Body Silk Lotion: Lately I've been trying to develop the habit of actually moisturizing my body on a regular basis. I have often been put off by heavy body lotions that take ages to sink in or leave a weird tacky film behind. Picked this lotion up at Madewell at the beginning of the month, and I'm in love. It's light, the pump is easy to use, and the rose and ylang ylang scent is lovely and not overpowering. A winner.
  • Jao Refresher: Another Madewell purchase! This looks like a spray on hand sanitizer - and it is, but it's much more too. You can literally spray it on anything that could use an antibacterial refresh. Like if your natural deodorant doesn't quite last all day or if you're doing skincare on the go and need fresh hands. A true savior. I'm thinking it'll be perfect to use on my hands when I want to reapply sunscreen on my face over the summer.
  • Make Succulent Gel: Now that I'm out of school, I finally have time to read for fun again (literature majors are no joke, kids) and I've started heading outside for an hour or two every day to read and get some vitamin D. My skin, having acclimated to a long Seattle winter with no sunshine, hasn't appreciated the sudden daily dousing in sun and sunscreen. This sizable gel has cleared up any dry spots and other weird textures like a pro. It's got me thinking I need more cactus-based products in my life - so soothing!
  • Byredo Blanche Hand Cream: This was a graduation gift to myself and honestly wow I did well for myself. It's pricey for a hand cream, of course, but it really does moisturize well and you only need a tiny bit. Plus Blanche is any absolutely beautiful and light scent that doesn't clash with my perfumes. It does also make a great base for applying the powdery kabuki version of the Blanche perfume on top!
  • DevaCurl Wash Day Wonder: How I have gotten through my whole life without this product is honestly astonishing to me. You apply it to wet hair before washing and within a minute or two the knots and tangles are beyond easy to comb out with your fingers and your hair is soft as can be. Seriously a holy grail product for curly hair.


  • The Dream Team: I largely brought one kind of outfit with me to San Francisco for my trip - white top, denim, and white sneakers. It works. It's cute. It's easy. You can mix and match your heart out.  Honestly, this might be all you see me in until the Fall.
  • Ouai Mini Purse: Who knew I would fall head over heels for this clear plastic purse?? Certainly not me. It's perfectly sized for carrying essentials around, encourages me not to throw random junk and receipts in it, and I think it's adorably appropriate for Spring and Summer. Plus it's only $15!! 

Life and Entertainment

  • HydroFlask: This was largely purchased so that I could have a lot of water on hand at all times after my surgery, but damn, it keeps water cold forever. Normally I would say don't bother with an expensive water bottle, but as someone who likes their water super cold but hates ice, this is honestly a small luxury.
  • Killing Eve: My new favorite television show! Starring Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer as a British intelligence officer and an assassin in a surprisingly delightful cat and mouse style chase. It is shockingly upbeat and funny considering the dark topic, and is endlessly clever. Plus, Jodie Comer's assassin character has to die for style. Highly recommend checking it out.
  • Outlander by Diana Gabaldon: Alright, I am obviously late to this party. I typically hate romance stuff, but got sucked into the television adaptation of this book because I cannot resist some good historical fiction (ya girl is a total nerd when it comes to history). So I decided to give the book a chance and I've been so pleasantly surprised! It's not overly sappy (at least not so far), the heroine is a refreshing combo of real and take-no-shit, and the show honestly seems to have stuck quite closely to the book, so if you like one you're sure to like the other.

That's about it! What have you guys been loving this month?