Monthly Favorites: October 2017

Another month has flown by! The end of October always feels like the beginning of the holidays to me, and I can't wait for the holiday season. This month was, well, busy to say the least, but I've got a lot of great favorites to share:



  • Caudalie Grape Water: Catch me misting myself with this stuff 5 times a day.
  • Dr. Roebuck's Ultimate Hydrating Serum: This serum is a dream honestly. It looks super thick but my skin drinks it right up. I'm someone who hates the feeling of heavy products on their face but needs hydration - so like I said, a dream. Can't wait to try more of their product line!
  • RMS Mod Palette: This palette has been something I've been picking up daily. It'll feature heavily in my updated daily makeup routine (look for it next week!).


  • Levi's Wedgie Fit Jeans: I couldn't get these for the longest time because I was in-between sizes and they just didn't fit right. Well, I am finally a straight size and oh my gosh you guys. These jeans. They are the jeans of dreams. The button fly is a little annoying, but still, jeans of dreams.
  • Vans Old Skool Sneakers: I wear these almost every day. They look sleek, feel comfy, and can help dress down any outfit.
  • Zara Soft-Feel Double-Breasted Coat: A super classic coat. The camel color is beautiful. I really don't have anything else to say!


  • Eucalyptus: This stuff smells so good, lasts so long, and is inexpensive. I picked some up at the grocery store at the beginning of the month and it's still going strong.
  • Butt Ashtray: Haha, get it? Anyway, this is one of the cutest recent additions to my room and it's perfect for holding my palo santo (which I may also be obsessed with).

Music, TV, and Movies

  • Sriracha by Marteen: I feel like I wouldn't usually go for this type of song, but it's catchy as hell and fun to sing along to!
  • Tropics by Mantaraybryn: The most addictive song I've heard in awhile. I've literally had it on repeat most of the month.
  • Dounia's Debut Album 'Intro To': So chill, so good, so worth checking out.
  • Mindhunter (Netflix): It's really no surprise that I loved this show, it's seriously right up my alley. If it involves serial killers and psychology I'll watch it.
  • Outlander (Starz): Yes I just jumped on this bandwagon. Unlike Mindhunter, this show is totally unlike anything I ever watch, but it's absolutely beautiful and surprisingly engaging.
  • Halloween Movies galore: Particularly Practical Magic, The Craft, and Hocus Pocus.


  • For Minimalist Dreams: @cityinstills, @samanthadela.o, and @gemary on Instagram
  • For Prime Vintage Vibes: @margoandme and @haimtheband
  • For Endless Beauty Goodness: @sharmtoaster, @sofieuh, and @dirtyboysgetclean

Inspiration for Next Month

  • All 70s Vibes All the Time: Hence the Haim inclusion above. I also re-look at Natalia Dyer's shoot with Coveteur once a week at least, no shame. Dying for a denim dress to wear over sweaters. And don't think I'm leaving beauty out of this, catch me sporting middle parted hair in November.
  • Texture, Texture, Texture: I wear a ton of neutrals in the Autumn, so I'll be mixing it up with textures to add interest to every look. Fluffy coat, here I come.

Have a great November everyone!