My Chanel Beauty Collection - Is it Worth It?


Chanel seems to be everywhere in the Instagram beauty space lately. I can hardly scroll through my feed without spotting the beautiful Les Beiges collection packaging or that instantly recognizable egg shaped hand cream. In the past few months I made one sizable Chanel purchase and was lucky enough to receive quite a few more products as gratis from work (items marked with a *). Now that I’ve had a chance to test out the products and get some training on the brand, I’m feeling ready to talk through everything and which items I genuinely think are worth the splurge.


  • Le Lait Anti-Pollution Cleansing Milk: This cleanser is a lovely, thick, milky consistency that genuinely does break down my daily makeup quite well. It does have a noticeable fragrance - as does all Chanel skincare. It’s designed to be tissued off, but I do feel like it leaves a residue and doesn’t leave my skin feeling clean, so I always follow up with a second cleanse. Worth the splurge? Meh.

  • Hydra Beauty Hydration Protection Radiance Mask: This mask is designed to give the skin a solid hydration boost, and it definitely does! My two issues with it are that first, it has a super strong fragrance, and two, that it made my face burn, which definitely should not be happening with a basic hydrating product. Worth the splurge? No.

  • Le Crème Main Texture Riche: This hand cream truly has the most adorable packaging and I love carrying it around in clear bags. It does have a nice hydrating, but not too thick, texture that dries down and doesn’t leave my hands greasy. You don’t need much of it, so I feel like the cost per wear is actually fairly low. Worth the splurge? Yes!


  • Eau de Teint Water Fresh Tint: I sound fully insane when I talk about this product, but it truly gives you the most bouncy, glow, baby fresh skin ever. It’s got no coverage at all, but it does slightly even out my skin tone and like I said, SUPER ANGELIC HYDRATED HEALTHY skin. I was told by a rep that this is limited edition, so if light coverage is up your alley I’d highly recommend getting your hands on this while you can. Worth the splurge? YES.

  • Soleil Tan de Chanel: I’ve had my eye on this cream bronzer for literal years, since I first saw it in a routine article on Into the Gloss. It is the biggest cream bronzer I’ve genuinely ever seen. Two months in and I haven’t made a visible dent even with daily use. It blends in beautifully and on my skin tone looks perfectly sun kissed. They absolutely need more shades of this so everyone can experience this joy. Worth the splurge? Yes!

  • Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder: Did I need this? No. Is it perfect for adding the most subtle bronzy glow and setting the Eau de Teint? Yes. This one is a true toss up. I do enjoy using it and love that it sets without taking away any glow. But it’s definitely not a necessity. Worth the splurge? Maybe.

  • Joues Contraste Blush: I have this blush in ‘So Close’ and bought it purely because of that color. I’m really not a powder blush person, so while I do love and use this regularly, I find it much harder to get right than a cream blush. To its credit, it is very pigmented, but of course, the included brush is not great. Worth the splurge? If powder blushes are your jam!

  • Le Vernis Longwear Nail Color: I have this nail polish in several colors now and I do quite like them! It’s not the most long-wearing nail polish I’ve tried. I use my hands a lot at work and it does chip after a few days. But you only need two thin coats to get perfect even coverage and the brush is nice and small for precise application. Worth the splurge? I mean, it’s nail polish, you do you on that one, friend.

Overall, it’s definitely totally subjective, but also somewhat hit and miss with Chanel Beauty. I think all of the makeup is absolutely beautiful, and for the most part I haven’t had complaints about the formulas. As for the skincare, the lack of information easily available on ingredients weirds me out, as does the sometimes suffocating level of fragrance, but the hand cream is a ride or die for sure! Have any Chanel favorites, or anything you didn’t think lived up to the hype? Let me know below!