Review: Not Pot CBD Supplements


Alright, before anyone freaks out, let's make one thing clear - these supplements are NOT pot, just like the name says! They are CBD supplements made from industrial hemp oil, they're not gonna get you high and they're legal everywhere. Now that that's cleared up, let's get into this review!

This is my first time reviewing a supplement, so I was sort of unsure if I wanted to share this and waited before I got through a whole month of taking them before actually writing this review (hence the photo of an empty jar). I'm no doctor! But I wanted to share my experience taking these because of what they've done for me. 

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical compound shown to have anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, and anti-anxiety effects. The Not Pot website has a great explanation of this on their website. It's the main active ingredient in their supplemental chocolates and the reason I was excited to try these out. As someone with chronic pain and anxiety it seemed like a little miracle to find one thing that claimed to help both. The other ingredients, like raw cacao and ashwagandha have health benefits too, but they're not the stars of the show.

I've always wanted to take vitamins/supplements, but would always forget them day-to-day. I did not once forget to take these. It's one chocolate a day - I took them as a before bedtime treat. Now, keep in mind these will not have an immediate impact. I read a journalist's review where she took three of them because she didn't feel anything right away - don't do that, follow the instructions. Like any supplement, these take time to make a difference. I'd say it was about a week and half before I sat down, thought about it, and realized I was feeling different. It's hard to notice the absence of things, so it definitely took some reflecting. 

What difference did I notice? First, I wasn't experiencing the daily pain in my neck and shoulders that I'm so used to. It would still happen of course (like when I drove 12 hours home from San Francisco) but not nearly as often. It stopped being a constant. Second, my anxiety levels went down. I happened to be testing these during finals and actually managed to stay sane! Which is honestly unheard of for me. I wouldn't say that I wasn't stressed at all, but I no longer panic over every little thing. I'd say it was a significant and helpful decrease - and that's coming from someone who's been on anxiety medications before. I'm still an anxious person, just not quite so anxious. Last, I've been falling asleep so much easier. It used to take me 1-2 hours to fall asleep, now, by bedtime, it's hard to keep my eyes open. That was actually the first effect of the supplement that I noticed and it's done wonders for my sleep habits and energy levels.

So, I'm officially a fan. I love these little chocolate hearts. I love that the company uses sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. I love that I'm seeing real results. Be aware though, they've gotten popular enough that orders are taking 1-2 weeks to ship. But they do have a discounted subscribe and save option that I'll be taking advantage of from now on.