Self-Care While Traveling

One of the hardest parts of traveling to me, is making sure I continue to practice self-care. Maybe because I tend to assume I'm on vacation and relaxing in the first place, maybe it's because my whole routine gets thrown off once I'm on the go. Either way, now that I've been traveling continuously for almost two months, I've realized that I really do need to make time for myself whether or not I'm at home. So, here are my top tips for working a little self-care into your trip:

Skin Care

I absolutely love doing masks at home, and I don't deny myself that pleasure while I'm traveling. If you don't want to carry a huge jar or tube around, get a sample from somewhere like Sephora, The Detox Market, or Kiehl's, who all have good size samples that will last you a couple of uses. Or throw a couple of sheet masks in your bag to do when the stress of travel gets to you, or you just want a few minutes of doing something for yourself. Allow yourself little luxuries too! I've been constantly carrying face mists to refresh myself throughout the day. It's not the most economical habit, but it feels like I'm treating myself all day long.


I don't know about you guys, but I'm not someone who can just sit on a beach all day every day. To get a bit of my restless energy out, I love swimming or going on walks in the evening. Walks in particular are nice because you can do them with whoever you're traveling with and chat and explore a bit. Any sort of light physical activity is nice to help keep you feeling refreshed.


If you typically eat healthy at home, this is kind of a big one. I love indulging on vacation as much as anyone, but honestly, since I eat a pretty healthy and pretty bland diet at home (that sounds so exciting doesn't it? haha) I often find myself feeling ill on vacation. My solution? I make sure to eat a nutritious breakfast, throughout the day try to keep up a high vegetable intake, and try to limit my consumption of foods I'm sensitive to. You don't have to stick to these exact suggestions obviously - they're just what I find keeps me feeling good even when I do indulge.

What do you like to do when it comes to self-care while traveling? I'm always looking for more tips, so let me know in the comments!