September Favorites


Hello all! Unlike the summer, September really feels like it's dragged on a bit to me. Maybe it was the anticipation of heading back to school (for the last time ever, what??) or the changing of the seasons, but I am feeling so ready for October! Since a lot of my favorites have carried over from last month, I'm going to do this month's favorites a little different from normal and just talk about the top 12 things I've loved in September. Let's get to it:

  1. Jasmine-scented everything: When I was in Key West over the summer, the house I stayed in had jasmine growing around the porch that bloomed every night and smelled ridiculously amazing. Since then I've been on the hunt for things that capture that essence. I picked up the Diptyque Jasmin candle, which doesn't have that fresh smell but is lovely nevertheless, and the Herbivore Jasmine Body Oil which smells exactly like fresh jasmine and is my new obsession. If you need me, I'll be slathering myself in it.
  2. Caudalie Face Mists: I first tried the Caudalie Beauty Elixir this summer and fell in love with how thoroughly refreshing and soothing it feels. While picking up a refill, I noticed the Caudalie Grape Water (the Beauty Elixir's less pricey cousin) and decided to try that one out too. Now, morning and night, I mist myself with both as part of my skincare routine. No regrets.
  3. Plants galore: If you've read my blog before, you probably know that I love plants. I do tend to kill them though, so I for the most part only invest in fake ones. Recently I picked up a little Silver Porthos hanging plant from Home Depot, and I am determined to keep this pretty little sucker alive. Wish me luck! I also have been treating myself to fresh flowers every week because they really do a lot to brighten my mood. This week I've got Baby's Breath in one vase and Eucalyptus in another. Dreamy.
  4. Urban Outfitters BDG Light Wash Girlfriend Jeans: My one true pants love honestly.
  5. Spotify: It feels a bit silly that for someone who is obsessed with music as I am to have just started using Spotify. But here we are. I love the Discover Weekly playlists and my newly discovered jam Good as Hell by Lizzo.
  6. Good things to watch: I am terrible and almost always have a television on in the background of whatever I'm doing, which means I end up getting through a ridiculous amount of television and movies. Three things I watched stood out to me this month. First, Bojack Horseman, which consistently has one of the best depictions of dealing with mental health problems I've ever seen. Second, along the same lines, the movie Sadie's Last Days on Earth. I've dealt with, at times very severe anxiety, since I was a young teenager, so I was pleased to see such a real and touching depiction of the effects and triumphs that come along with anxiety. Last, the show Rick and Morty, which is not only hilarious, but also gives some surprisingly deep explanations of getting through life and how toxic behavior can impact the people around you.

There you have it! The rather random selection of things I truly loved this month. Can't wait to see what October brings!