Attempting a Spending Ban

For as long as I have had a job, I have also had a minor shopping problem. Nothing extreme! But with beauty in particular I was always eager to try the newest hyped product or some random item recommended for a skin type like mine in an Into the Gloss interview. Since I'm trying to save up for after I graduate college in the spring, a spending ban for the month of August seemed like a great idea, and documenting it on here seemed like a great way to keep myself accountable.

The Rules

  1. No mindless shopping: I will only buy the daily necessities that I have run out of and need to replace.
  2. No giving into deals: I'm a sucker for a sale or for adding one more thing to my cart to get free shipping - no more.
  3. No shopping for this blog: It is so, so tempting to buy new stuff just for content, but that's neither smart, or manageable, or as challenging as I would like this to be.
  4. Save: I will put the average amount I would have spent into savings. Better to hide it away for a better purpose.
  5. Be kind to myself: Mistakes happen, and while I'd rather not have any slip-ups, I intend to be kind to myself if they do.

That's it! If you have done a spending ban before and have any tips for me, let me know!