3 Fragrance Picks for Spring

In my opinion, nothing tops off a beauty look like a spritz of your favorite perfume. I know not everyone is a perfume kind of person - I wasn't for a long time because perfume made me think of overly fragranced old women in elevators. What I eventually realized was that all I needed was to find a scent that suited me. Long story short, I'm partial to light and fresh scents, especially for Spring! Below are three perfumes, with a range of scents, that are all perfect for the season!

  1. Gourmand Hair and Body Mist in Fleur Monoi (Urban Outfitters, $24): This perfume is the most lush of the bunch. The main notes are gardenia and coconut - meaning a spritz of this will leave you smelling like a dreamy tropical breeze. It's light and airy, never verging on that pungent, fake flowery type smell. Bonus - you can use this on your hair!
  2. Korres Bellflower Tangerine Pink Pepper Eau de Toilette (Sephora, $38.50): This perfume manages to be sweet, spicy, and citrusy, with a perfect balance of all three. The pink pepper is super subtle, but balances the fruity and floral notes. Overall, an awesome pick if you want something Spring-y with a twist. It also comes in shower gel and lotion if you want to get totally coordinated fragrance-wise.
  3. Maison Martin Margiela Replica Lazy Sunday Morning (Sephora, $126): This is one of my all-time favorite perfumes and arguably my signature scent. The description on the bottle says "soft skin and bed linen" and that is exactly what it smells like. Think freshly cleaned sheets on a sunny morning and that's it. Hints of pear, lily of the valley, rose, and musk. Fresh, clean, overall dreamy. 

What's your favorite fragrance for spring? Let me know in the comments!