Spring Style Inspiration


If you saw my last post, you might already be aware that I have a bit of a thing for white clothing right now. Spring is on its way, and about 90% of the stuff drawing my eye right now is in the white-cream-beige territory. I was starting to think it was a bit weird, until I read this in a Man Repeller article : "About 80% of my wardrobe is cream these days since I read The Secret History by Donna Tartt and there was a line about how two twins who dressed in white always looked like they had been transported from a vintage tea party and decided that was how I wanted to look." And yes! This is what I'm talking about! I love/hate that book, but that aesthetic choice is exactly what I'm talking about. There is something so fresh and bright about it. Especially when paired with different textures like linen, cozy sweaters, and worn in tees. Add gold jewelry and a basket bag and voila - seriously dreamy. Check out my mood board and picks below!