How I'm Updating My Wardrobe For Spring

Living in the Pacific Northwest, it's crazy hard to decide when you put away your cold weather clothes and pull out your summer stuff. One day it's 75 degrees out, and the next it's 50 and rainy. So while updating my wardrobe for Spring is something I've had on my mind, I delayed doing so until last week - because, let's face it, I'll still be sporting layers until July here. However, a few days of sun had me wandering into H&M the other day to pick up a few things that felt fresh and Spring-y. With a couple of trips coming up in the near future, I wanted some essentials I could use at home and on vacation in the warmer seasons. Here's what I picked out:

  • These espadrilles are so dang cute you guys. I love the wrap around lacing detail and the fact that the cap toe is suede-like. I loved them so much in the store, I picked up both the black and pink pairs. They are also sold in white, which I'm hoping to add to my collection soon. These are the perfect summer shoe if you're like me and aren't down with the idea of wearing sandals all the time.
  • Speaking of sandals, these mules are perfect and basic. I've been wanting to try a pair (and lusting after the Marais ones) and these seemed like a good introduction to this style of shoe. I think they'd be perfect with cropped jeans.
  • I love a good old breezy button down for the warmer months. This one is nicely boxy, and super airy and comfortable. I expect to get a lot of use out of it in the next couple months.
  • A basic crew neck white t-shirt is ideal for throwing on with anything. Whether it's jean shorts, a midi skirt, or under a romper, it's really just an essential.
  • This white watch immediately caught my eye. I have a brown one I tend to wear during the fall and winter, but this white one seems perfect for Spring. It's crisp and cool, and makes me look tanner - so no complaints here.

How are you updating your wardrobe for Spring?