Anti-Aging Tips for the Not Quite Aging Yet


Anti-aging tips coming from a 23 year old might seem a bit strange - I totally understand. Most people don't even think about their aging skin until they start to notice changes in the later part of the 20s. So, why even think about it now? Frankly, I've been thinking about it since I turned twenty and freaked out about being out of my teens. With aging comes increased responsibility, and in my mind, that includes my skin. I'm lucky to have good genes on both sides, both my parents and grandparents look a lot younger than they actually are, but that hasn't really calmed my paranoia. So, here are the habits I think are worth starting now, even if wrinkles are far from your mind:


This is the most important tip by far. Put sunscreen on every single day. Every day. Even if you're just inside in front of a computer, wear sunscreen (screens do damage just like the sun does). Sun damage will age you drastically. It is truly no joke. Put sunscreen on your face, put it on your neck, put it on the back of your hands for your commute! Just do it and get in the habit of it and thank yourself later when you're skin cancer free and look 10 years younger than you are. See the links below for my favorite for the face, favorite refresher mist, and favorite for the body.

Multi-tasking Products

Chances are you don't have to commit to a whole new routine to incorporate anti-aging ingredients into your skincare habits. Many, many products do double or even triple duty these days. Take my favorite nighttime moisturizer for instance - Dr. Roebuck's Face Moisturizer, is technically an anti-aging product, but it also has active ingredients that help to soothe sensitive skin and even help with acne. The idea here is to do as much preventative work as possible while still taking care of and improving my skin as it is now. Read ingredient labels and get informed!

There is No Such Thing as Too Moisturized

When it comes to your body - which yes will develop wrinkles too - the best thing you can do is stay as moisturized as possible. Slather yourself in lotions and oils until you're soft as hell. The more moisturized your skin is, the more elastic it will stay. I personally love in-shower moisturizers, adding coconut oil to my baths, and applying an oil like the Herbivore Jasmine Body Oil at night on my driest spots.

Eye Cream?

Eye cream is probably my least favorite part of skincare. Is it working? No clue. Am I making things worse just by rubbing it in? Quite possibly. But keeping your eye area moisturized, particularly using something with anti-aging benefits, seems to be a good idea long-term. If you're like me and have a hard time justifying spending money on it, take advantage of sample programs like The Detox Market's to acquire some on the cheap. You need to use so little that samples will actually last quite a while.

That's it! My pro-tips for my fellow paranoid peeps. Happy aging!