Style Inspiration: Music That Makes Me Happy


Fun fact: I tend to lose my voice on any solo drive longer than 45 minutes because I sing along to whatever music I'm playing. Music has been important and influential in every part of my life. I can remember listening to Outkast pour out of the speakers in the back of my dad's car as a little kid, and my mom singing along to Madonna and Mariah Carey. I always love waking up to R&B and breakfast at my grandparents house. My angsty teenage years were filled with such sad music that it's kind of hilarious to look back on. Even now, I'm constantly searching for and loving a wide variety of music, so it seems understandable that it would influence other parts of my life.

So, how does one go about turning a song into style inspiration? For this particular look I took all of the songs I currently love to sing along to - the ones that make me happy! I tried to really think in depth about what kind of happy they make me, what vibes they give me, and what I might associate style-wise with them. For most of them, I associate them with warm weather, a sort of laidback spirit, and a weird sense of nostalgia. So first I landed on this vintage In-N-Out t-shirt. It's perfect for repping my second home in California and the oversized fit and vintage design give it that effortless cool-ness. 

What better to pair a classic graphic tee with than a solid pair of jeans? I chose my Levi's Wedgie Fit Jeans for their relaxed fit - although I can totally see this look with a pair of easygoing overalls too. Finish it off with vintage-style cat eye sunglasses and this look is pretty much set - plus they give it a little chic touch to balance out all that carefree attitude. I stayed barefoot simply because of my photo location, but I think any Vans or Converse would complete this outfit nicely.

When it comes to beauty, I wanted to stick to that vintage but carefree, warm weather vibe. Warm weather always makes me think as little makeup as possible. So, I went with brows, mascara, and a bit of rosy blush to keep things looking natural. A slightly curled, loose Barbie ponytail somehow just felt right.

And there you have it! I think you could pretty much do this with any song you like. Drill down to the vibes and feelings it gives you and go from there! You'd be surprised how creative you can get. If you're curious about the playlist I used for this look, check it out below!