Summer Makeup Essentials

Book - Nasty Galaxy by Sophia Amoruso

Book - Nasty Galaxy by Sophia Amoruso

Ah summer, that time of year where most likely you'll be sweating at some point and worrying that your makeup will either be evaporating off your skin or dripping down into your eyes. I tend to keep my makeup more minimal in summer if only because I feel gross having layers of crap on my face once it's over 75 degrees. My skin's gotta breathe! I also tend to switch to all cream/waterproof products once the heat sets in, just because they handle heat/sweat better. Cream products in particular will sort of meld and fade into your skin in the heat, where powders will get all sorts of funky. So, let's jump right in to the products I recommend for summer makeup!

All About That Base

The base is all important here. If you choose to go without, power to you! If you feel like you need one, I'd recommend going with a BB/CC cream, a skin tint, or just sticking to a cream concealer. These options will not only feel light and breathable on your face, they'll also give you that nice fresh and natural summery look. I've been using the Juice Beauty CC Cream every day this month, paired with the Glossier Stretch Concealer, but I also love the Milk Makeup Sunshine Skin Tint and the Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint! (Bonus: the Juice Beauty and Milk Makeup options both have SPF).

Rosy, Rosy Cheeks

Cream blushes are a super easy way to add a natural looking flush to your cheeks once your base is ready to go. Whatever color and positioning you like, a pop of color makes you look youthful and healthy (and less like you've been hiding out in the air conditioning). My go-to is the faux sunburn with RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek in Smile and Spell. Other great cream blushes are the Stila Watercolor blushes and the Glossier Cloud Paints!

Tanning Sans Sun Damage

Bronzer - the fastest way to fake a tan and pretend you're not paranoid about sunburns. Again I'm going to recommend you go with a cream version so that your fake tan stays looking natural all day long. The RMS Buriti Bronzer is my current love, but the Milk Makeup Matte Bronzer is also a solid choice (P.S. if you just want it to last you the summer the deluxe sample size is perfect).

No, That's Not Sweat

A popping highlight is great, but in the summer my preference is that kind of glowy, dewy look that says "Yes, I am a summer goddess, thank you very much." Much to your surprise I'm sure, I'm gonna go ahead and say that cream/liquid products are your best option here. I've been switching off between the RMS Magic Luminizer and the Maybelline Master Strobing Stick (which is highly underrated in my non-professional opinion), but the Glossier Haloscope highlighters are great and hydrating as well.

Smudgy Eyes

If you haven't noticed yet, my main philosophy is to embrace what the heat is going to do to your makeup anyway. With eyes that means smudgy central using - all together now! - cream products. Skip eyeshadow altogether for a fab natural look or smudge some of that highlighter or bronzer or even blush on your eyes for a slightly less natural but still fresh look.  Waterproof mascara is just a necessity really. If you want to add eyeliner into the mix, I recommend using a pencil to create a smudged line. My favorite is currently the ILIA Pure Eyeliner in Sweet Jane.

No One Likes Cracked Lips

Lip balm will be your savior, I promise. Pick a colored one, pick one with SPF, do you! Just make sure your lips stay hydrated. Glossier Balm Dotcom is my longtime addiction now, but I also love Dior Lip Glow and the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments.

Don't Forget the Brows

You do you on this one! I'll be over here swiping on Glossier Boy Brow.

Set It Like You Mean It

Please for the sake of your happiness and sanity, spritz your face with something when you're all done. Setting sprays are great, but regular face mists also work just fine to meld your makeup and make it look like it's one with your skin. The Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist is currently my favorite for this.

What are your summer makeup essentials? Let me know in the comments!