Going for the Big Chop


After several weeks of thinking it over, I finally went and cut my hair. It's definitely dramatically shorter - a bit shorter than I even expected, but overall I think I'm quite happy with my choice! I typically cut my hair short once every two years, so while this particular cut was motivated by my upcoming surgery, it's not totally out of norm for me. Hair can be such a security blanket, and while making emotional decisions about how it looks isn't always the best choice, this time it actually worked out pretty well.

Did I have I minor freak out afterwards? Oh yeah. Am I still learning how to deal with the new length on a day to day basis? For sure. (I miss pineapple-ing my hair way more than I expected). But it's nothing a little creativity and sea salt spray can't handle.

What I really didn't expect was how much every other part of my look would shift around my routine. I've found myself more drawn to vintage silhouettes and a smidge more shaping to my makeup look than before. I'm also not totally against pretending I'm as chic as Alison Sudol in the Fantastic Beasts movies. We'll see how it all plays out, but for now, I'm pretty dang happy with my chop.