The Six Month Spending Ban


So, this may be absolutely crazy, but I've officially decided to embark on a six month spending ban. Why on earth would I do such a thing? Well, my shopping habits have always been on the slightly excessive side, while still staying in my budget. Lately though, all I can think about is post-grad life, getting started in a new city, and getting a little studio of my own. To make that happen, my spending habits just can't continue the way they have been if I want to save up enough. I literally browse Zillow for fun these days you guys. Besides, what better time to learn to manage my budget in an appropriate and goal-oriented manner?

The Rules:

  1. Essentials Only: I'm going to be employing a one in one out rule when it comes to beauty. No buying a new face wash until I've used up what I've got on hand, and that sort of thing. This way I won't technically have to go without anything, but I won't be splurging on every new product launch either. When it comes to my closet, I feel like I've got a solid rotation of essentials and special pieces going, so not spending there should be easier!
  2. There are Exceptions: The holidays are coming up, so I of course will be spending more on gifts. As much as I love to go all out for my family and friends, I'll be aiming to give the best, budget-friendly gifts I can. DIY here I come!
  3. The Time Limit: I'll be going November through April, which is just after I graduate. Six months seems like an ideal amount of time to get started on saving and to form new and better spending habits. The goal is to be more conscious of how I spend, not to deprive myself.

I'll be updating you guys and probably even writing tips as I go, but for now this is it! Wish me luck! I'm certainly going to need it.