The Summer of Self-Portraits


When summer rolls around, it's often accompanied by an uptick in people on social media lamenting that they haven't got the "summer bod" they want. People suddenly talk all about what they see as flaws - from stretch marks to cellulite - and while many more are embracing them every year, there are still plenty of people openly wishing things about themselves were different. I'm not here to tell you how to think or what to feel about yourself. Self-image is complicated as hell! The one thing I'll say is that every time summer comes around, I am so much more grateful for my self-portrait habit.

There are a million and one articles out there debating the value of selfies. Some love them, others hate them, and narcissism is often brought up somewhere in the mixture. I personally believe it all comes down to intention and how they make you feel. I've been regularly taking pictures of myself (and posting them) for over a year and the work that goes into not only taking but curating and editing them, and the fact that I end up staring at my own image for hours on end, has helped me to develop a certain kind of confidence. I'm more aware of what I look like, but in a way that has me finding new favorite features and better understanding how my mood physically manifests itself. Believe me, if I'm uncomfortable in a photo taking situation, you can see it on my face. 

So this summer, when my insecurities rise up much like lots of other people's, I'll be embracing this little hobby. Because, frankly, looking at yourself as a work of art can do wonders for the soul.