My New Favorite Perfume

I haven't always been into perfumes. In fact, my first perfume purchase probably didn't happen until I was 19 or 20. I had always hated choking on other people's cologne and the way super floral scents sent me into sneezing fits. Perfume, as I've since learned, is such a personal thing. The perfect scent for one person might be the worst thing someone else has ever smelled. If you haven't gotten into perfume yet and want to, I highly recommend you take your time finding a scent that really fits you.

Now I personally prefer very fresh and clean scents for the majority of the year (I dabble in spicy scents in the winter). In the summer all I want to smell like is, well, summer! Salt and sand and citrus come to mind, and the scents of the beaches I grew up on. So really it's no surprise that Tom Ford's Mandarino Di Amalfi caught my attention. I've been eyeing up the body spray but was very kindly gifted the Acqua version for my birthday, and what a dream it is! If you want to smell like a carefree and effortless young sophisticate relaxing beneath pink striped umbrellas by the Mediterranean, this is the perfume for you. I know that's quite a specific image but that's the only way I can really explain it. Don't even get me started on the truly glorious packaging.

Let's get into the actual details! Mandarino Di Amalfi was inspired by the Amalfi cliffs in Italy. It features mainly mandarin, lemon, basil, spearmint, shisho leaf, and jasmine notes. It's fresh and citrusy, with a surprising warmth to it. There are a few options when it comes to this scent. The first is the original, straight up Mandarino Di Amalfi. The second is the lighter smelling Mandarino Di Amalfi Acqua - which is what I have and actually ended up preferring to the original. The third is the Mandarino Di Amalfi Body Spray, which is even lighter than the Acqua, not as long-lasting, and the most affordable option. So depending on how much you feel like spending and how strong you want the smell to be, there are options, which is actually quite nice!

There you have it! What perfumes are you sporting this summer? Let me know in the comments!